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Mo – Fr 10.00 – 12.00 h
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Sa 10.00 – 16.00 h

Thank you Leonardo …

Leonardo and his students

Leonardo and his students 1975

Dear Leonardo, A few lines of gratitude:
Without a doubt I am in this world thanks to my parents. That I became a drummer, however, is solely due to you, Leonardo. There is no doubt about this. That I became what I am now is also largely attributable to you. Right from the start you motivated me and gave me the necessary strength. Your energy is like the eruption of a volcano. Your enthusiasm and your enterprise are infectious. It is a long time ago since my first drum lesson (October 1969); since then many things have come to pass, but one thing remains certain: we will remain eternal friends.

Thank you!
Leonardo with his students in a studio:
Mario Caspar, Leonardo, Gianco Fucito, Enzo Todesco

Leonardo und Gianco 2013 Leonardo and Gianco 2013

Leonardo und Gianco Live in Mulhouse, 2013 Live in Mulhouse / France, april 2013

Gianco, Leonardo und Carla Gianco with brasilian wife Carla and Leonardo 2005


Leonardos successful second career as a singer

>>> Link to www.leonardo-music.ch
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