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Liquicy™ brand cymbals represent a quantum leap in cymbal sound.
• Hit the edge with sticks for eerie fluttering crashes with liquid flanging and vibrato FX.
• Ride the various sweet spots for a mellow washing tone with fluid undertones.
• Super complex, dark tones
• Mounting upside-down actually speeds up the vibrato/phasing speed.
• The flange wave of Liquicy™ constantly shifts the sound so no single tone ever creates a peak. The result – a wild, yet smooth effect.
• Hand and mallet hits are equally effective.
• Optional, removable rivets

Link to the HAMMERAX-homepage (with sound-examples)
Link to the hammerax-homepage

Watch some HAMMERAX-Products in action on YouTube (At the NAMM-Show 2008)

Liquicy™ Cymbals Are Tough!
The unusual flexibility and vibrato wave of Liquicy™ cymbals actually have little to do with their relative thinness. While they are fairly thin, the wave action instead comes from a proprietary metal tempering and forming process as well as a new type of bronze alloy on which Hammerax has filed multiple patents.

The flexing of Liquicy™ actually adds shock resistance, so they are quite unlikely to crack. Regarding keyholing and center cracking, a major cause (besides the obvious lack of proper sleeves) is an over worked and sharply punched hole.
Hammerax borrows techniquies from the aircraft industry and treats holes with great care- polishing holes to a rounded mirror finish- hence preventing the small microcracks from which most big cracks grow. This new alloy is also unusually strong and crack resistant.
So the short answer is...
Your Hammerax™ cymbal will last a very long time
You can play them quite hard.

We do not however recommend over-bending the Liquicy brand. The subsonic vibrato is "tuned" to a perfect frequency to create the wave. Bending your Liquicy™ cymbal wildly to show off the flex could hurt the sound.

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