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News: miJam Drumsticks – Play in the air ...

myjam drummer
mijam   mi Jam™ Drummer

A unique set of motion activated drumsticks that function with any digital music device, such as iPod® and MP3 player, and even with stereo player and personal computer.

The unique feature of the mi Jam™ Drummer is that they allow you be the drummer. The mi Jam™ Drummer has both standalone and interactive mode. In standalone mode you simply plug in the mi Jam™ Drummer to your external speaker or earphone and you can simulate a full drum kit including snare drum, tom toms, bass drum, hi-hat and cymbals. Newly added FOLLOW keys allow drum roll effects which make the drummer even more fun.

Activate the background rhythm, adjust the tempo control to your preference and you can drum along with any of the pre-programmed background beats, a perfect mode for practice and perfecting your mi Jam™ Drummer technique.

Next you can turn on your favorite music and play along as the drummer.
In interactive mode, you can plug in your music device and play along as a drummer. The mi Jam™ Drummer lets you make the music your own.

The mi Jam™ Drummer can be used with either your personal headphones or broadcast through external speakers. The mi Jam™ Drummer not only lets you play the drums the easy way , it also allows you to play the drums anywhere. Just plug them into an iPod® and jam away. Team the Drummer up with the mi Jam™ Stage Mic and you can add vocal effects as well. Once you have mastered the technique you can even record your very own gig onto your PC and podcast it or add it to your own blog

CHF 75.– (+ mailing expenses)

>>> more: Swiss Television Programm EINSTEIN, 11.22.2007 © 2007, Schweizer Fernsehen

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